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Honor Band 4 Review

Honor Band 4 Review , Check how it competes among other smartbands   

The fitness band to shop for in case you want all the essential functions at a outstanding charge.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech
Looks awesome



– Formidable coloration display screen .
– Fine design .
– GPS gives ability for severe run monitoring .
– Wonderful battery lifestyles. 




– Quick display time-out .
– HR tracking spotty at certain intensity degrees. 
– Notification handling needs paintings .

Key specs

– Good  GPS .
– Heart rate sensor .
– 6-axis movement sensor.
– Up to 14 day battery .
– Multi-sport monitoring. 
– Touchscreen. 

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech
Hr sensor

What is the honor Band 4 ?

The honour Band 4 is a petite low cost health tracker. For simply £59.99 you get coronary heart rate tracking, a bold shade screen, sleep tracking, related GPS to your runs and cycle journeys, and support for notifications.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band three is its biggest rival, rather than the more costly Fitbit price three. And this Honor band now not most effective loads cuter-searching, it has a far higher show.

Whilst there’s no built-in GPS, the honor Band four is an inexpensive health monitoring star, despite the fact that it doesn’t handle every characteristic flawlessly.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

Honor Band 4 — layout

The honor Band 4 is a completely regular-searching health tracker. It’s roughly an inch wide, with a long, portrait display. Until these days an less costly band like this would have had a totally simple monochrome display, if it had a display in any respect.

Honor has changed all that. The Band four’s display is sharp and colorful. And way to the OLED panel, its contrast is excellent. As OLED monitors use mild-up pixels in preference to a backlight, black regions inside the display merge with the black surround. This is probably the nice screen i have visible in a price range tracker like this.

The core layout is one-of-a-kind to the norm too. A few less expensive bands are efficaciously little plastic lozenges that match right into a hole in a silicone strap. The respect Band 4’s strap is two portions of silicone that attach with strong clips to each facet of the principle unit.

This could not trade how you use the tracker, but it makes the honor Band 4 seem more like a higher-cease system, like a smartwatch.

You have got a desire of coral red, darkish blue and black shades. And the strap uses a complete watch-fashion buckle at the again as opposed to a less difficult clasp and fastener. Once more, the respect Band 4 is one rung above the basics.

Like maximum trackers as mild and light as this, the Band four is quite secure. Quite often I’ve forgotten whether or not it’s there on my wrist. Slightly gummier strap silicone might make the tighter in shape required for reliable coronary heart price analyzing at some point of workout more cozy, mind.

As-is you just must accept you may have some seen indents in your pores and skin after a long run. Nothing too awful .

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

A loss of right auto brightness is one of the few practical niggles of the hardware basics. The honor Band 4 has a completely bright display screen that can easily cope with vibrant days. But, the intensity does not exchange robotically. As a substitute, you need to dive into the settings menu to try this.

On the charge, positive, it is able to now not be viable to add car brightness. This requires an ambient light sensor at the the front that may make the manufacturing of the entire band extra difficult. However, the route to changing brightness need to be quicker and less difficult.

That stated, I’ve in general used the honour Band four at brightness “1”. It is going up to three however the low putting has nevertheless achieved the trick for exterior runs. Caveat: the UK isn’t the sunniest region in the global, particularly in January.

Honor has added one clever function, even though. You can set the screen brightness to dim at night, to make it easier on both your eyes and the battery. The display additionally has a tumbler pinnacle layer, which looks and feels extremely good.

The display is good enough to make you greedy for watch faces. However there are, alas, only three. There’s an analogue one, a virtual face and a health-led one that gives greater area over to your doorstep, distance and calorie counts. Hopefully Honor will upload some more alternatives in an replace. This OLED display merits them.

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The show is likewise your foremost approach of interaction with the respect Band 4. It’s a touchscreen. There’s additionally a capacitive pad underneath that acts as a “again” button, but in techy phrases that is honestly an extension of the touchscreen. There are not any side buttons.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech
App Interface

Honor Band four — Interface, App and fitness monitoring .

Up and downwards swipes at the display take you through the respect Band 4’s various sections. As this isn’t always a smartwatch, there are just a few of these “homescreens”to deal with.

When you first use the Band 4, the active exercise tracking page sits someplace inside the middle of them, which is not on hand. However, the use of the Huawei health app to your smartphone, you may each rearrange the interface and put off ones you don’t want or received’t use.

Allow’s cope with health monitoring first, and cowl the periphery features later.

The Band 4 wishes to compete in the main with pretty easy trackers which have HR and step counting. It does these jobs fairly nicely.

Whilst now not enabled as widespread, the band gives genuine 24/7 coronary heart charge tracking. You grow to be with a graph inside the Huawei health app made from a results “node” every  mins. The Band 4 additionally lets you see your present day heart charge whenever you want.

Testing its effectiveness by using cycling through HR-decreasing respiratory strategies while sat and walking round, the honor Band 4 appears impressively responsive for a low-price wrist tracker. It likely makes use of a truthful amount of algorithmic error correction to give you its results, but there are not any glaring errors in its graph outcomes. This is a respectable way to casually keep an eye fixed to your resting coronary heart fee.

Honor also claims to use a more advanced than standard motion sensor to judge your steps. It’s a 6-axis sensor, in all likelihood that means it has a three-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, letting it successfully music in 3-D. In sensible terms this likely gives Honor’s behind-the-scenes more information to work with on exactly the type of strides you make.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

The outcomes are in reality fairly incredible. Using the respect Band 4 to music a 5km run, the consequences are very near the ones of a complete GPS watch, a Garmin Foreunner in this situation. Honor claims accelerometer-primarily based readings have to offer up to ninety five percentage accuracy.

I still don’t have a tendency to recommend any simply movement-sensor based totally trackers for keen runners and cyclists, even though. Even supposing distance monitoring is fairly sound, not having a map of your course takes a number of the amusement out of sorting out your stat history. However, the honor Band four also has connected GPS.

That is where a tracker with out its very own GPS chip takes the signal of your cellphone to inform the tempo and distance stats you’ll see on the Band four. And it method you get a mapped route inside the smartphone app to study put up-run.

Have a tendency to run with a phone to your pocket to supply song, or “simply in case”? The respect Band four will feel similar to a full GPS watch. If you accidentally go out for a run with your cellphone’s Bluetooth turned off, it reverts to its very own motion sensor records.

There are a few neat extras to a number of the activities too. Those core sports are outside Run, Indoor Run, outdoor walk, outdoor Cycle, Indoor Cycle, Pool Swim and free training.

“out of doors” activities use connected GPS, “Indoor” ones don’t. Oddly, unfastened education, which simply suggests your heart price and calorie consumption, also tries to harvest a GPS route. It is able to give you humorous-searching outcomes if you just raise some free weights at home.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

Both Indoor Run and Indoor Cycle assist you to regulate your distance at the quit of each run, that is accessible in case you use health club device with a display. Period and distance indicators are my favourite greater, though. When you start every tracked workout, you could select a intention of distance or time and milestones, including each kilometre of a 5k run. The honour Band 4 will buzz each time you reach one, and when you’re 50 percentage thru a workout.

Those are minor motivators you don’t get in all reasonably-priced fitness trackers. You may turn them off too.

The Band 4’s coronary heart fee monitoring at some point of energetic exercise isn’t usually the fastest on the uptake of rising exertion stages. And on a few events it has unsuitable a near-resting heart charge for one within the 110bpm while the use of loose training.

Honor’s HR algorithms once in a while see what they want to look, particularly in case you begin a tracked exercise after which don’t do some thing. But it’s miles still an awesome way to display your top exertion stages, and get a few validation while you try that bit harder at some stage in a exercise.

Display behaviour is the opposite minor complaint. “enhance to wake” is the same old manner to see your stats while exercising. The response may be a fraction faster, and the screen day trip appears a long way too eager to switch the respect Band four’s display go into reverse.

Honor possibly wants to keep battery life as regular as feasible, but the option to maintain the display on all the time (or as a minimum adjust the time out) at some point of workout is sorely missed. Nonetheless, for its rate the Band four is a notably in a position tracker, suitable for folks that run often, no longer simply human beings after a manner to rely their steps.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

All of your statistics finally ends up within the Huawei health app. This is a good deal greater stripped-again than Garmin join or Fitbit. There’s no longer a fantastic deal of motivation capabilities, just “medals” for milestones reached and lengthy-term stats displays. Garmin gadgets are, unsurprisingly, higher at monitoring fitness tiers over longer intervals. But, it’s fairly easy, clean, and you get graphs for tempo, heart price and cadence for every tracked run.

Huawei fitness additionally lets you sync your facts to Google match and MyFitnessPal, in case you’d opt to use some other app. But, you do have to use health to setup an Honor Band four.

Honor Band four — features

The band also has some extras: alarms, notifications, discover smartphone, sleep tracking and AliPay.

Permit’s start with the one maximum of you in all likelihood received’t use: AliPay. That is a chinese language equal to Google Play, a wireless payments device. And it’s far actually to be had to use within the uk.

There are versions of the Band 4 with NFC, but ours absolutely displays a barcode or QR code to let a scanner discover your AliPay account. If there’s one function to bin within the Huawei health app while you customize the band’s format, it’s AliPay.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

Next up, there’s a nugget of genius known as find cellphone. Tap this object in the Settings menu and your cellphone speaker will play a dopey tune whilst a person of indeterminate accent says “I’m right here, I’m right here” over the pinnacle. A easy function made slightly weird, is there something greater “Honor” than this?

You may also set reminder and awaken alarms within the Huawei health app, which use the vibrate motor within the Band 4. There’s no speaker interior, although.

Sleep monitoring is up next. Honor claims that is “advanced” however it’s miles for the maximum part derived from familiar statistics. It breaks your night time into deep, light and REM durations, and notes any instances you awoke. Huawei then costs your sleep out of 100, and tells you whether or not each aspect of it is good, or now not so excellent.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

To get the most in-intensity records you have to switch on a characteristic referred to as TruSleep, which claims to monitor your breathing in addition to your motion. Of route, as there are only heart fee and motion sensors right here, this isn’t recorded the use of any sort of additional sensor. Plus it offers me a score of 100 every night, so might not do extra than have a guess at whether or not you have sleep apnea or no longer.

Notification aid is possibly the maximum important Honor Band four more. It’s a blended achievement. That you can get hold of wrist notifications from any app you like is the primary draw. Recent unread messages can also be reviewed from a Messages segment on the band’s homescreens.

The honor Band four has a smartwatch-like method to notifications. It’s miles wonderful on the fee. But, it makes reviewing your messages appear far too awkward. You could’t speedy flick thru a couple of messages as they come. And whilst you dig into each the Messages phase and the real candies inner, there’s an traumatic pause at each point.

The Band 4 is simplest clearly exact for having a quick look at an incoming message, to look in case you want to reply, or take a look at out the full text. If Honor can kind out this a part of the band with a software program replace or, much more likely, the subsequent technology of wearable, it’ll have now not only a brilliant finances tracker but additionally a stable stand-in for a less complicated smartwatch.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

My wager is that Honor Band 4 genuinely re-retrieves messages from the phone’s associate app as you ask for them, over Bluetooth. This seems possibly because the software is in any other case quite snappy. “Messages” is the slowest component.

Honor Band 4 — Battery 

Capabilities like notifications and a reasonably massive coloration screen make the Band 4 seem like excellent fee. That you could have to “pay” for the honour Band four’s punchy coloration OLED screen with shorter battery existence seems intuitive. However you don’t.

Honor says the battery should last for up to 17 days as an eye or 26 days standby, which possibly just way sat round doing not anything, but nonetheless switched on. Confusingly, it’s also listed has having 14-day battery existence in some places.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech
Charging Dock

The actual important claim, though, is the 6.5 days Honor says the Band four have to closing with full heart price and sleep tracking switched on. This is how I’ve used the band, and is how I’d advise the use of it too. I’ve certainly seen it closing slightly longer in fact, probable because I haven’t worn it every night and each hour of every day.

However, you can assume it to closing around every week even with a few notifications and the abnormal tracked run, due to the fact the real battery-sapping GPS work is accomplished by means of your phone. This makes the respect Band 4 some thing of a dream combination. You don’t ought to price it often, and but the screen doesn’t appearance primary.

Such strong stamina is yet any other argument for having more manipulate over the display at some stage in monitoring and an usually-on mode, even though. A very easy clock shown all day (however no longer all night) may have a huge impact on battery lifestyles, however because this is an OLED display, it wouldn’t necessarily decimate it.

To recharge the Band 4 you clip it into a touch plastic dock, with two metallic contacts that correspond to ones at the band’s lower back. Then you definately plug in a microUSB cable. It’s a practical solution, but that little plastic dock is annoyingly easy to lose.

Why buy the honour Band four?

The respect Band four might simply be the high-quality fitness tracker band you can get for the cash. It’s greater flexible than the Withings Pulse HR, does extra than the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and has Fitbit fee three functions at a Fitbit Flex charge.

Honor Band 4 Review | Dr Tech

Its app isn’t always precisely the definition of amusing, HR-monitoring of low stage exercising can be spotty, and managing of notifications desires to be be stepped forward. However, long battery existence, fascinating design, a notable display and actual run monitoring capacity way to related GPS make the Band four a pinnacle buy.

Similar to Honor telephones, different groups struggle to compete with Honor wearables for folks that care approximately price.



The health band to buy if you need all the essential functions at a killer price !! You can buy it from Dr Tech best deal button to catch the best price available !

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